Friday Night Child Care

Young Professionals League Child Care Rules

  • Child care is available between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on Friday evenings at the Pro Shop
  • One parent must remain on the property for the duration of your child’s time in care
  • Parents must have their cell phone with them, sound on, at all times
  • Children must be able to use the bathroom unassisted
  • Weekly registration for childcare will be required by the Wednesday of any given week, registration form below
  • The YP League will run on Fridays from May 11th to Friday, August 31st
  • A formal waiver will be required at the beginning of the season
  • The fee for child care is $15/child and includes dinner


Sample Friday Night Schedule:

4:00-5:30pm Outdoor play

5:30-6:00pm Dinner on Deck

6:00-7:30pm Movie time! (puzzles and colouring will also be available)

8:00pm All children picked up


Weekly Registration Form

Parent's Name *
Parent's Name
Parent's Phone Number *
Parent's Phone Number